Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching

Are you ready to feel deeply nourished and supported? Do you want to manifest the most incredible results in your life? Do you seek fulfillment, balance and powerful transformation? Then you are ready to begin. Join us.

It‘s Time to become the source of your own Power and make a difference.

Many people today struggle, whether this is emotionally, physically or spiritually. Feeling unhappy with their lives, stressed, depressed, anxious, and lost. However we came here, during these times for a reason. We are not here by chance. We are destined to live a life that feels purposeful, that is fulfilling, offers a sense of freedom for you to be you, the real true you. 

Azava & Mikhael’s purpose in Intuitive Life Coaching is to shift you back into balance and by getting you aligned with your true desires. Helping you connect to your inner purpose and passion so you can bring your life back into authentic balance and see you embody your big purpose.

Within their spiritual practice Cinmaya, Azava & Mikhael have worked with hundreds of people all over the world in 1:1 energy healing and spiritual development training as well as group healing programs, enabling people to transform their lives, develop their intuition and become in complete alignment with their true self.

They use a vast range of tools that integrate mind, body and spirit to ensure all three are working in harmony together to make long lasting change whilst also giving a powerful transformational experience. Also, by using their intuitive abilities and connecting with their higher guidance this allows them to offer each client a completely unique service.

Using an integrated and wholistic approach allows the client to explore and develop a deeper connection to who they truly are, whilst also creating permanent, positive and deep transformational change in any area of their life.

The Intuitive Life Coaching program can support and help you in many ways. Some of these are:

  • Release limiting beliefs to create space for a more meaningful experience of life

  • Discover your life purpose so you can feel more fulfilled

  • Establish goals and set intentions so you can have clarity

  • Uncover your skills and strengths so you can feel more confident

  • Reconnect to the things which you love and more joy

  • Unearth your deepest values so you can feel more motivated

  • Improve your money mindset so you can feel more abundant and in the flow

  • Tap into your intuition so you can know what the right choices are for you

  • Increase your consciousness so you can awaken to and change your current reality

  • Become aware of your energy so you become more of an attracting force

  • Visualise your new future so can attract what you want to you

  • Raise your vibration so you become a powerful magnet for everything you want

  • Access your own ability to heal emotionally and physically




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