Covid-19 Vaccine Clearing

Covid-19 Vaccine Clearing

For those who may be experiencing discomfort in their system as a result of mRNA, vector inoculations or protein subunit inoculations, Cinmaya is honoured to assist in your healing journey. Through a specific cleansing protocol and method specifically designed to remove energetic reactions in one single healing session.

Benefits of A Covid-19 Energy Clearing

This session clears harmful effects from receiving Covid-19 inoculations. It includes clearing any vaccine brand on the market, received anywhere in the world. Expect 30-60 minutes for a session depending on the number of vaccines received. Individuals that have received this energy clearing have reported amazing results!

By using extremely powerful Krystic Energy System® Healing techniques, the work all takes place by accessing the Quantum Field, where obstacles and old programming is transmuted. The healing method activates Bio-Physical transmutation through the axis point of one’s Spiritual DNA and Bio-Energy Field. Connecting the recipient directly to the purest, most potent, sacred and pristine energy field of consciousness, the Cosmic Kryst and Krystal Star. This protocol session includes:

  • Assist you in physical and emotional healing and activation

  • Balance and advance your DNA and RNA signalling

  • Deeper Heart Coherence

  • Clear away anxiety to feel more relaxed, centered and grounded

  • Provide experience of deep calm and inner peace

  • Accelerate healing of physical and emotional conditions

  • Physical Body vitality and cellular nourishment

  • Building & strengthening your energy field and bio-circuitry


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6286 NA Wittem

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